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Level Up with Cash Flow Advisory Services

Working with Financial Documents

Sunrae Bookkeeping Service experts can seamlessly budget, forecast, evaluate challenging business decisions, and help manage cash flow for business owners who desire more than the monthly and annual financial reports.

We can assist you in looking deeper into your critical financial inflows and outflows at any moment. We're here to help you put a plan to your vision and build your business.  Understanding your company's financial path is one of the most crucial components of being a successful business owner. As a business owner, how would you answer the following questions regarding your business?

  • What is the state of your cash flow right now?

  • What adjustments to your pricing approach might help you increase sales and profits?

  • What factors have influenced your gross and net margins the most in the last year?

  • What is the most profitable of your products?

  • What areas should you improve, if necessary?

  • Have you set up all of your financial reporting so that you can acquire the reports you need to make financial decisions quickly?

As the business owner, do you have the willingness to honestly take a look at your past and current financial status with a desire to understand where your strengths and weaknesses are within your business?

If so, let's Level Up your business with

Cash Flow Advisory Services!

SD - Sample Dashboard Report (Classic) - June 2021
Consolidated Sample Report_Page_14
SF - Sample Consolidated Forecast - June 2021_Page_6
  • 1-2 hour monthly strategy meetings with the following goals:

    • An in-depth review of your financial data while diving into the revenue, cost of goods and expenses.

    • Set action plans for 1, 3, 6 & 12 monthly targets to achieve the financial goals set by you, the business owner.

  • Company budgets

  • Three-way forecasting combining cash flow, profit and loss, and balance sheet forecasts integrated into one report

  • Extensive monthly financial reports, KPI's, score cards, and forecasting reports with data and graphs

  • Consolidated financials for business owners with multiple businesses.

    • Consolidated assets, liabilities, income and expenses in one report​

What does Cash Flow Advisory Include?

Cashflow Advisory Overview

Budgeting and Cash Flow Planning

With cash flow planning, business owners can better determine where their money went and where it will go to help fund their business goals.

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Cashflow Management

Cash flow management is the process of tracking how much money is coming in and going out of your business.

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Debt and Capital Review

Focus on loans, shareholder draws and capital.

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Scenario Planning

Create multiple scenarios from your budget and cash flow reports.

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Pricing and Debtor Reviews

Gain insight on your pricing model, terms & conditions including what you charge, margins and expectations.

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Monthly Meetings & Check-Ins

Scheduled monthly meetings to review financials, set targets and goals, and how to achieve these.

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Why should business owners hire an advisor?

An Advisor Helps You Get a Big-Picture View

It's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day operations of your company and lose sight of the larger picture as a business owner.


You'll be able to keep on course if you use a comprehensive cash flow planning strategy. You'll know how much you're likely to make and spend over the course of a year, and you'll be able to establish goals to help you progress. You can then devise strategies to boost sales while lowering costs.


An advisor can also assist you in determining whether it is appropriate to make a large investment. You may be hesitant to put money in your company, but there are times to make investments that will pay off handsomely. This could include purchasing new equipment or hiring a new employee.


You'll know when to make such smart actions if you have a wide picture view.

An Advisor Knows the Questions to Ask

If you're new to business, creating a cash flow plan can be difficult. Because cash flow isn't the same as profit, determining what constitutes positive or negative cash flow can be challenging. It's also crucial to know which business decisions, such as taking out or repaying a loan, would enhance cash flow either immediately or over time. For example, adding a new employee will reduce cash flow immediately because you will be paying their salary, but it will enhance cash flow eventually because you will be able to keep the firm open more consistently.


You also have a lot of responsibilities as a business owner. You're in charge of marketing, customer service, management, accounting, and a variety of other departments. It's all too easy to make a mistake.

By asking the proper questions, a competent financial advisor can assist you in developing a strategy that works for your company. They'll assist you in identifying expenses you may have ignored as well as setting targets for increasing sales of your items and services.


Having a second set of eyes on your strategy can help you improve it!

An Advisor Provides an Objective Viewpoint

You built your company and are passionate about it like no one else. Your devotion to it, on the other hand, may prevent you from making necessary pivots or changes.


You have an objective outside viewpoint with a financial expert on your side. If something changes, your advisor can assist you in changing the cash flow plan procedures you have in place. A financial planner can help you realize what's realistic. You may have to hear some harsh facts about lowering costs or setting scary goals.


A professional can also assist you in holding yourself accountable to the goals and decisions you make. That alone can assist you avoid making rash judgments and stay on the road to success.

Meet The Advisory Team


Rynae Calder

Owner of Sunrae Bookkeeping Services

Cash Flow Advisor

Spotlight Advisor Certified


Aerial Hunsaker

Accounts Manager

Cash Flow Advisor Assistant

Spotlight Advisor Certified

Image by Razvan Chisu

Are you ready to Level Up?

Sunrae Bookkeeping Services offers Cash Flow Advisory Services to business owners who want to commit to growing their business, understand their financial status and have a willingness to be held accountable in reaching monthly and yearly goals.  

To learn more about this service, click the link below to see if you would be a good fit.

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