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Free masterclass reveals…

3 Mistakes Every Landscape Business Owner MUST Avoid!

Will your business thrive or survive?

Lawn Strip

Here's What You'll Discover:

How slow paying customers can ruin landscapers business...

and what you can do to avoid chasing down your money!

How the state can kill your business...

and why sales tax can be the cause!  Do you know how to stay compliant?

Why your bookkeeper doesn't seem to "Get" your business

Do you feel like your bookkeeper doesn't understand YOUR unique business?  Discover why this is true and what to do about it.

Which deductions the IRS are out to get you on....

and why you need to pay attention so you stay legit!

Why audits are getting tougher...

and how you need to be prepared!

And, what you need to do now 

Now that you've learned all this great stuff, what next? You'll have a simple yet effective plan to overcome your bookkeeping challenges.

Meet Your Guide


Rynae Calder

Founder of Sunrae Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping Professional in the Landscape Industry

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